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Secure Group, Inc. has been active in buying natural gas assets in Texas since 2006. Our strategy has been to acquire interests in low-risk high-return natural gas wells that are not yet in production. Beginning with the acquisition of a well workover, we moved on to buying positions in pre-development wells that subsequently went into production and are still producing.


Secure Group, Inc. locates and invests in oil and natural gas producing properties, primarily in Texas, USA. Revenues are derived from sale of the production after the various wells are drilled and completed. The challenges are to locate the oil and gas reservoirs located in geological formations underground. Secure Group, Inc. relies on its industry partners to use the latest science and technology to explore and produce (E&P) successfully.

Investing in Oil and Gas Properties (Fields)

Secure Group, Inc. acquires positions, known as “Participation” or “Working Interest”, in Mineral Right Leases, known as “Fields”, and its outlays and revenues are made and received according to the percentage interest held. When an Oil and/or Natural Gas Well is producing there are costs and operational taxes which are paid out prior to net revenue being received.